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released October 10, 2013



all rights reserved


DESYRE Vantaa, Finland

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Track Name: Too Hot For Radio
As a vision from the Heavens high
It was given to me
Thru the burning flames of fire
On and on
Our path was meant to be

Years and years of innuendos
Behind our back
This is the day
This is the time
We will attack!

Too Hot - Too Hot For Radio
We are the metal meltdown
Watch out! You will burn

Too Hot - Too Hot For Radio
We came to bring your demon down
And down it shall remain

The night time is here again
You know where is your light?
Don't be tempted by the flesh
No! Stand up for what is right

This is our battlecry
This is our song of war
Waiting the Lord of all
To unlock the final door

Too Hot...
Track Name: Party Song
So, I decided to write some riffs
I wanted some groove and nice feeling
I also wanted to sing
About some nice things
So, this is it - This is our song
Rock'n roll!


Street Metal Power


Heavy Metal Thunder


Guitars Screaming Louder


We'll Make You Wonder

Did you notice that our song rhymes
We also put some keyboards there
Uh oh, we just ripped off someone
But we'll play this song



We came here to play
So don't stand on our way
We rock for the Rock
Watch out, it's a shock
Glory Hallelujah to the Lord

Track Name: Dangerous Desyre
It begins like it always has been
In the shadows of your mind
State of rebellion tonight
Takes you over like a hurricane

Operating in the darkness
Imaginary solitude
Before too long you'll find out
It is too late

Dangerous Desyre
Your soul's on fire
Dangerous Desyre
It's a pact made in hell of fire
Between the flesh and desire
Dangerous Desyre

Co'mon! Look at your reflection
Satisfied the way it looks?
Today you can make a difference
Tomorrow might be too late

Will your flesh be the master of you
Or will you take control
Never let the liar tell you
You are no good


Oh man, this is dangerous

Track Name: Mystery Eyes
Story of my life
A simple tale of a broken man
I've seen the writings on the wall
On my knees standin' tall

At the crossroads
Oh, which way to go
The struggle in my life
How will I know

Mystery Eyes - Tell me what You see
When You look at my heart, look at my soul
Mystery Eyes - Speakin' to me
Show my destiny

Mystery Eyes lookin at me
Mystery Eyes - Eyes of love
Mystery Eyes - Mercy Above
Healing my wounds

In the devil's game of fame
I have lost so many times
Broken promises I see
Is it all that's left of me

At the crossroads
Oh, which way to go
The struggle in my life
How will I know

Mystery Eyes...

I will never have to carry on alone
Jesus came to lift me when I'm down
He came to heal me
He can heal you too

Mystery Eyes...
Track Name: Beyond The Horizon
Do you know me
My name is human being
I know you know
I am the same as you

Can you feel it
You are longing for an answer
I know I want to go back home

There's an empty spot in my soul
The fingerprint of the Universe
Touching my heart

Beyond the horizon is a Sea
My heart belongs to be
It is the place for me
Gazing upon to the starlit sky
I have to wonder why
I partly want to die

I know one thing
I've been searching for so long
Master of the Universe
Lord of all

Listen to voice that knows no fear
He's calling out for you and me

Listen to voice that knows no fear
He's calling out to receive

There's an empty spot...
Track Name: The Magic Of Your Kingdom
Far in the distant galaxy
There is a town of Majesty
With walls of gold
And gates of pearl

Far within the human heart's mysteries
Where only a mind of a child can see
It's not a place of make-believe

Hero of the World
Who has come to lead us
To the Truth He has
Placed in our hearts

Hero of the world
Who was born to free us
From the lies and the pain
That make us run away

Open your heart and you will see
Just ask and you'll believe
That He is the Truth
The Way and the Life

Striving to find your own way out
You can not do it without
Him whose Blood will set you free

Hero of the world...
Track Name: War Of Stars
The zone of warriors
High in the skies
Beneath our feet

The war beyond our time
for every soul
The good, the bad, the evil ones

War in the Stars
Good and evil
Make up your mind
For whom you'll stand
War in the Stars
Good and evil
Your destiny before you

Some kind of force
Surrounds me
There's no retreat
No! Distant battlecry

War in the...

Satan and his legion
has lost the war
He has no might against the
Truth of Jesus Christ

War in the...
Track Name: Protector
In the streets of Metal Madness
Better keep your mind in the game
There is a fight in every corner
The Nemesis is on the move

Co'mon! Don't be afraid now
Co'mon! You're not alone

We have our own Protector
Spirit Eternal
No more prosecutor
Protector knows His game

The evil lurk around us - HAHAHA
He came destroy and kill
Tryin' to darken our future
By fingerpointing the past

Co'mon! Don't be afraid now
Co'mon! You're not alone

We have our own Protector...
Track Name: First Blood
The skies are screaming fire
I'm willing to reach higher
I wanna feel Your burning flame

The first borne from the dead
To You my soul is wed
Eternal ring of Holy Blood

In the distance I see
Your hand and the nail
The Royal First Blood
will never fail
Will never fail

You, the first and the
last of my world
When You are near
there's no fear in my heart
Without Your light
I cannot win the fight
The fight that gives
the right to Your side

The darkness of the night
Don't let it stain your white
Just raise the Sword
high in the sky

In the distance...

I can not win the fight without You
Without You
Track Name: Follow Me
On the pyramid of time
Wheels of steel keep turning
Carrying me in the pathway of light
In the dawn I see a new horizon
With excitement I enter the site

Who will join me- Who will come with
Here I am - Take me

Follow Me for an adventure
Follow Me on a journey of dreams
Follow Me to see what you are made of
Follow Me to make Heaven real

Opposition turns into a war to conquer
Challenges appearing from the night
I can not see but I know You guide me
With exitement I enter the site

When we lay down our lives
You will give us all we need
In You we'll have the courage
We will make Heaven real